Friday, October 8, 2010

Death in Chains (109)

So, I guess it’s an interesting concept: death being a relief for those who are suffering. There is some truth to that. I don’t think everyone in life necessarily finds their happiness in life. That’s an unpleasant thought. I hope they find their happiness somewhere in the after life.

Gabrielle talks about not needing romance much to the amusement of Xena. That is until she meets Talus. I like Talus the best out of all the suitors for Gabrielle. She kind of gets a lot of suitors in this season. Talus is my favorite. Gabrielle sure has a type. Talus tells a poetic story to a dying man. Gabrielle is in love. It’s so the opposite of Xena. It’s a wonder how Xena and Gabrielle end up together.

I also love the way Xena rolls her eyes when Gabrielle asks her what she thinks of Talus and when Gabrielle gives her list of why Talus is so amazing, one of the reasons is that Talus is sensitive which Xena is not.

I think the little love story between Gabrielle and Talus is very sweet. I love Talus and Gabrielle’s goodbye. I find it very beautiful the way Talus walks into the light and smiles back at Gabrielle.

This storyline and the last moment in the episode also further develops Gabrielle and Xena’s relationship. Gabrielle is pure, unadulterated love, and support for Xena, and honestly for anyone who comes into Gabrielle’s life. This is something quite powerful for Xena. It’s funny that Xena for all her strength and Season 1 stoicism. It takes a young Bard to leave Xena vulnerable and sort of humanize Xena.

I think there’s strength in vulnerability. That’s where I admire Gabrielle. She’s almost either too young or too naïve or just too much herself to really hold back anything that she’s feeling. We don’t get too much of Xena’s emotional reading in general so far on this show. That’s the kind of strength that Xena learns from Gabrielle.

I like the last moment in the episode: Gabrielle hugs Xena. Gabrielle is sad because Talus is walking away with Death into the light. Gabrielle’s instincts when she’s sad are to seek comfort from her friend. I love when Gabrielle grabs Xena to hug her and Xena freaks out a little. Xena doesn’t know how to hug! Sure, she can kill someone, but comforting someone? Or, some kind of indication of emotional intimacy? Gabrielle just holds on and Xena accepts the embrace. The episode ends on the embrace. It’s quite beautiful. It’s an indication of the source of strength that they both are going to be for each other.

Favorite Quotes:

“So, he wanted to be known as the man who killed Xena. That’s not a smart goal.” Gabrielle

“Jasmine blossom. It’s a rare beauty. Just like you.” Talus to Gabrielle

“The Undead forever!” Undead guy

“Then again we could just…” Gabrielle

“Run!” Gabrielle and Talus

Gabrielle and Talus run away together from bad guys.

“She was concerned about you.” Talus to Xena

“When Gabrielle has her mind set on something, nothing can change it.” Xena

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