Monday, October 25, 2010

Hooves and Harlots (110)

Gabrielle becomes an Amazon princess in this episode. This is the first hint and glimpse that she will eventually become a Warrior. Personally, I have mixed feelings about Gabrielle becoming a Warrior at all. I don’t know if it suits her character. But, I can write more on that when we get to those episodes.

Gabrielle saves an Amazon’s life, Terreis, which is very brave, because Gabrielle risked her own life to do so. I do like that Terreis takes an immediate liking to Gabrielle. She like’s Gabrielle’s interest in intellect and education, which is something the Amazons encourage. Intellect! Education! These are both wonderful nonviolent things! Terreis obviously sees that there’s something special about Gabrielle in passing on her royalty to Gabrielle.

This episode kind of shows Gabrielle what the Warrior life would entail. Gabrielle is required by Amazon law to kill the Centaur (who everyone presumes, killed Terreis). Gabrielle in shock says, “I can’t kill someone.” I like that. A Warrior, even a good Warrior, by definition is a killer. Granted, a good Warrior is killing evil 2-dimensional people, but killing none-the-less. If Gabrielle can’t kill anyone than how is she going to become a Warrior someday, maybe she shouldn’t at all (because I really don’t want her to become a Warrior.)

I love Xena! I love watching her kick ass. I don’t know if we get to see that she has a big heart quite yet, but we can assume by her noble actions thus far, that she does have a big heart. It’s just weird to me, that every episode thus far, she kills 2 or 3 people. These are evil, horrible people who show no remorse for their actions. All of the time, the killing is in self-defense. It’s just weird to me, our hero is a killer or you know, a Warrior. But, I love her and she’s awesome.

I do understand that the world and universe of Xena: The Warrior Princess does need good Warriors in it. It does need people who will fight and defend the regular people. Xena’s necessary in this world. She does a lot of good as a Warrior. So, warriors are necessary in this world. It’s just that, to oversimplify matters, killing is bad, really, really bad.

Xena does stop a war in this episode. She does use her intellect and her investigative skills to stop a bloody war, which is super cool.

Favorite quotes:

“Don’t judge a scroll by its paper.” Gabrielle

“I wanted to read philosophy and learn about history and science, but they didn’t consider me a normal girl.” Gabrielle

“No, they wouldn’t let me dance at the crop festival because I brought a bad harvest!” Gabrielle when Amazon’s trying to get her to dance.

“You taught me that greatness doesn’t depend on fighting. It’s the battles you choose and the people you protect.” Xena

“Making war is simple. Making peace is never easy. If it was, everyone would do it.” Xena

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