Thursday, October 7, 2010

Prometheus (108)

Guess what show Xena is a spin off of? Hercules! Yep, if only Hercules could make a guest appearance…oh wait, this episode.

First things first, let’s talk about the most awesome part of this episode. Xena and Gabrielle gave each other a lingering hug!!! Hotness! As they pulled away from each other Gabrielle’s hand brushed Xena’s belly. More hotness!

The part where Ioalus kisses Gabrielle at the end is kind of weird since they kind of look like an older brother and little sister.

I know this episode ends on a note of Hercules pretty much saying that there are people out there who share a piece of a person’s soul.

Gabrielle tells Iolas a story about people with four legs who got cut in half and then sent to earth, and still shared half each other’s soul. So, they walk around the world looking for the other half of each other’s souls.

The one thematic thing that stays consistent on this show is that Gabrielle and Xena are each other’s soul mates. This theme plays very nicely through out the series.

I don’t like Gabrielle’s story though. I don’t like the thought that a person is not fully complete until they get married or find that romantic partner. It seems to put too much emphasis on romance. I think it’s a poetic and beautiful story. I think that when people fall in love it’s great. I just also think though that romance is just a piece of the pie. The rest of the pie consists of loving and enjoying who you are, having fulfilling work in your life, knowing why you exist on this planet and following whatever spiritual path that exists for your life or even pursing hobbies that make you happy.

Also, who’s says you only get one soul mate? Or, that you’re meant to have sex with all your soul mates?

My best friend is a gay man. He’s definitely one of my soul mates. My other best friend who I’ve known since Middle school, he’s a straight guy. He’s totally one of my soul mates. All the people in my life who love me and whom I love back. They are all my soul mates. According to the story Gabrielle told, whatever creature I was apart of it must have had like a hundred legs. It was cut into a hundred pieces. I’ve been blissfully meeting all my soul mates ever since, here on earth.

I think that the idea of Xena and Gabrielle can be a wonderful symbol of the concept of soul mates that exists in pop mythology. I just don’t want to romanticize romance. I don’t want to romanticize life, because as most of us know. Life sucks. Life can be excruciatingly painful. Whatever, relief and help we can get from each other, as people, the better. Let’s just all be soul mates, for the hell of it and make life a little bit easier to live for each other.

Favorite quotes:

“You’re not much for girl talk are you?” Gabrielle to Xena

Xena whips out sword when she hears a noise

“But, of course, you’re not like most girls.” Gabrielle

“Sometimes, I wonder what she sees in me.” Gabrielle

“Do you believe that everyone has someone out there that shares a part of their soul?” Iolaus

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