Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Titans (107)

This episode is the second where we see that there’s a certain type of guy who falls for Gabrielle. Gabrielle certainly has a type. That is before the power lesbians come into the picture. But, that comes much later. For now, you have dough-eyed, emo, sweet and sensitive guys who get googly-eyed over Gabrielle. The first would be in Chariots of War (Episode #102). Where the Warlord’s son kind of has a thing for Gabrielle after she smooches him.

This would be the second episode with a love interest for Gabrielle. Xena attracts bad boys wearing leather. Gabrielle attracts young men who want to read her poetry and sing songs of love to her in meadows. Oh, the wonderful and humorous contrast!!

The other best part is that Xena and Gabrielle are unable to save the day without the help of each other. Xena could not have single-handedly defeated the Titans and neither could Gabrielle. But, together, they kicked ass!! Here, what wins the day is again, smarts! I like it. Thus the metaphor, two hot women together rule and kick ass!!

Xena is a tad less robotic. She expresses some kind of affection towards Gabrielle, in stating that their friends and nothing will ever come between them at the end of the episode. Nice. I know where this is heading.

Which brings us to a moment of subtext? Perhaps? The thing about this show is at times the audience is left to interpret facial expressions or even ambiguous dialogue. It is a specific choice by the editor or somebody to show Xena’s reaction when she sees Gabrielle cuddling in bed with Emo-Sensitive-Dude. Also, we don’t know if Gabrielle has knocked boots with Emo-Sensitive-Dude. Xena’s jealous!! But, why? Because, Xena loves Gabrielle. Xena kind of tells Gabrielle that, at the end of the episode. Xena at least indicates that the friendship has meaning for Xena to Gabrielle. Work it, Xena, work it!

If Xena wants to get together with Gabrielle, she’s going to have to take some notes from the guys that Gabrielle falls for. I think it’s hilarious that Xena’s butcher and tougher than the male love interests of Gabrielle. At this point, romantically speaking, Xena is not Gabrielle’s type at all. Xena’s going to have to memorize some poetry or work on her cuddling skills, in order to get Miss Gabrielle interested. I’m just saying.

Lame moment of the episode: When the priest runs away like a punk, leaving the children to fend for themselves! Against Titans! What a horrible priest!!!

Favorite Quotes:

“Which one of you is the liberator of the Titans?” Titan

“This virgin.” Priest pointing at Gabrielle

“We honor all friends of the virgin goddess.” Titan

“You know…I’d…I’d rather you not tell everybody I’m a virgin.” Gabrielle

“She may appear sweet, but who knows what destructive powers she may possess?” Titan about Gabrielle

Cut to Gabrielle unable to break open a walnut.

“If anyone can do it, it’s her. She has the aura of a Goddess.” Young Man in love with Gabrielle

“Let’s just say I’m the sacred one’s protector.” Xena about Gabrielle (it’s so freaking hot when Xena gets all defensive of Gabrielle)

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