Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Sins of the Past (101)

Gabrielle got Xena to smile! Imagine that! Xena is an actual human being with actual emotions! Awesome! Season 1 is the season of Xena speaking very monotone and stoically. Every once in a while we see some emotion but for the most part this season is robot Xena. But, let’s start with the first episode.

I am overwhelmed by the coolness (gayness) of this show. What happens by the end of this show? Both protagonists reject traditional roles and traditional (potential) lovers (men) and walk off into the sunset together. It’s quite beautiful. It’s also not forced. It’s the most natural thing in the world for these two human beings.

Gabrielle craves adventure and finds it in Xena. Xena craves family (though she doesn’t know it or can’t ask for it) and finds it in Gabrielle. Two people who eventually find themselves and better themselves through each other. Hmm. It’s almost as if that’s what human relationships are about.

I love the celebration of wit, in this episode and season for that matter. I find Gabrielle absolutely charming. She’s written charming and she’s played charming by Renee O’Connor. I love the idea that Gabrielle can talk her way out of anything. As someone who does believe in non-violence, it’s refreshing.

We see both Xena and Gabrielle’s strengths and how they use those strengths to save each other and to love (too soon?) each other in this episode. Xena uses brawn to save Gabrielle; very impressive brawn, along with a wonderful war cry. Gabrielle talks an entire village out of murdering Xena; also just as impressive.

Day one, they’re both saving each other, literally and metaphorically. Gabrielle recognizes a human being in Xena (despite her robot talking) who is trying to redeem her past and do well. Gabrielle sees Xena’s soul where at first Xena’s Mom can’t even see that at first. Xena finds a bonified friend; even a Warrior Princess needs friends or you know, human connection.

Xena says at the end, “It’s not easy proving you’re a different person.” Thus, the thesis of the entire series! Xena and Gabrielle proving that their different people than what their hometowns or pasts or people think.

Thus the metaphor, for us viewers, that in any kind relationship (romantic or agape) that we have it’s an opportunity to truly learn who we are from each other. We human beings despite our own stoicism and robot talk desperately need each other in our lives. Through, each other, is where we can see reflections of ourselves.

Favorite lines:

“I got to admit, this village makes tough women.” Warlord

“She’d never let a man get close enough to do her… But, a young innocent looking girl like me…” Gabrielle

“It’s hard to be alone.” Xena
“You’re not alone.” Gabrielle

“I was not cut out to do this village life. I was born to do so much more.” Gabrielle

“You know I’m different from everybody else in this town…Call it whatever you like, the point is I don’t fit in here.” Gabrielle

"I feel we're bonded in our hate for this she-demon." Gabrielle

"Take your revenge. It's true what they say, it's sweet." Xena

"Mother, forgive me please." Xena


  1. Spot on review!

    I just watched this episode last night (for the third time) and am really impressed how good it is and how well it holds up against later episodes. Even its less polished aspects deliver.

    Looking forward to your further reviews; you inspire me to watch the whole series over again. (Ok, like I really needed an excuse to do that ;-) )


  2. Thanks for the comment! Glad you enjoyed!