Saturday, September 18, 2010

Dreamworker (103)

Gabrielle is a little naïve at this point. It’s all still a grand adventure to her so far. I find that endearing. I believe that this is pretty much the attitude that Gabrielle has through out the first season. She’s just having a good time being out on her own for the first time with her super cool Warrior friend.

Even though, her life was threatened in episode one. This the first time that Gabrielle’s life is seriously threatened. This is a chance to see slightly that Xena cares about Gabrielle; although, Xena would probably have gone through the Dreamscape for anyone. Doesn’t hurt; that it’s Gabrielle.

This episode is such a celebration of wit. The action is exciting to watch. However, the wit is just as exciting. It’s again; a celebration of wisdom versus violence; which is refreshing on an action show. We already know that Gabrielle can talk herself out of anything. Seeing her talk herself out getting killed (again); is awesome.

I’m a huge fan of comedy. I think that might be why I gravitate towards Gabrielle more; because she’s more the comedic character. Rightfully, so…it’s going to take Xena a while to warm up to Gabrielle and just to loosen up a bit in general. Xena is still transitioning into her new life as a hero rather than a horrible villain.

Xena even is steering Gabrielle away from violence. Violence seems almost romantic or adventurous to Gabrielle. She still hasn’t quite grasped the horror of violence; the horrible things you can do with a sword; as in kill someone. It’s still just all a fun game for Gabrielle. Even, when Gabrielle is playing with Xena’s sword; she just looks like she is playing pretend. It’s all funny to me. Makes me laugh. She goes to buy a sword; it’s like shopping for a handbag to her; very funny.

She’s so proud of her breast dagger once she has it. I don’t think Gabrielle quite comprehends the weight that Xena carries. Yes, Xena is super cool with all her leather and fighting skills. She gained all this form a sordid and painful past. I’d hate to see Gabrielle go through those sorts of things in order to be like Xena. I love how Xena does fight to protect Gabrielle’s blood innocence (innocence in general). It’s important to Xena that Gabrielle sticks to her ideals and that Gabrielle never has to experience the things that Xena has experienced. Xena is protective of Gabrielle and it’s cool.

Here’s the part I love about the episode. Gabrielle won’t let Xena be less of who she is. Gabrielle won’t let Xena hate herself. At the lake, Xena says a person is forever changed after killing someone. The pain of that is always there. Gabrielle says that Xena still deserves peace and forgiveness even after all the horrible things that Xena has done. It’s said much more poetically (or cheesily) depending on what your cup of tea is. I find the kindness that Gabrielle offers Xena very powerful.

Who is the stronger of the two at this point? Xena, the Warrior or Gabrielle the Bard? It’s not really a competition. These two women are definitely equals even in episode three. They are both traveling and discovering and figuring out who they are. I love that they find who they are in each other. It’s quite a compliment to anyone involved with this show, that Xena and Gabrielle’s relationship will stay interesting, endearing and powerful enough to maintain an audience for six years. This earlier episode is a testament to that.

Favorite lines:

“First mistake? Well, that’s your first mistake, waiting for my mistake! Cause I don’t make mistakes!” Gabrielle

“You’re lucky the tree was unarmed. You could’ve been hurt.” Xena

“Ah! You must be experienced then.” Salesperson

“Yeah! I mean, I’ve had experiences.” Gabrielle

“You don’t look like a fighter. Sure, that’s your strength. Like the beautiful seed hidden in an eagle’s dung.” Salesperson

“Nice image.” Gabrielle

“I had six toes on my right foot when I was born. Don’t look! It’s gone now!” Gabrielle

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