Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Reckoning (106)

Check it out! It’s Ares! He’s sexy! Ares likes Xena! Ares and Xena sitting in a tree! This would be another example of a dark and twisty dude totally in love with Xena because she’s (by the gods) beautiful. Oh, yeah and she killed a bunch of people and totally enjoyed it (back in the day). Ares is impressed. Works for me.

There are three moments in the Xena series that I protest against. One of those moments happens in this episode. As far as I’m concerned, these three moments are edited out of my head; the mythology of Xena and Gabrielle in my head does not include these three moments.

The moment in this episode is when Xena hits Gabrielle so hard that Gabrielle falls to the ground. Xena is so overcome by her rage she’s almost drunk. It’s a rage that is infused by Ares, granted. Xena, in her rage, attacks the villagers keeping her captive. Gabrielle comes into the barn and then Xena sees her and then punches her in the face and knocks her down for no apparent reason at all. I guess Xena just hates having friends. Once Xena hits Gabrielle and sees Gabrielle’s shock. Then, Xena sobers up and feels bad.

Hmmm. Not a great metaphor there. I get that for writing purposes it might make for good story telling. However, I don’t like it.

Let’s step into the real world for a second. Violence is bad. Any kind of domestic violence is bad. When a friend punches another friend in the face; that’s bad. When a lover punches a lover in the face; that’s bad and really unacceptable. Are we all clear on that? Great!

The other thing that I don’t like is that technically Xena never apologizes. She says to Gabrielle, “How can you come back after I did that?” Then, at the end, she thanks Gabrielle for coming back after Xena punches Gabrielle and tells her that she owes Gabrielle. I guess that’s her way of saying sorry. We, the audience, do see that Xena feels genuine remorse over what she’s done. That’s something. As far as I’m concerned, this episode didn’t happen.

The Ares storyline was cool. Anyway, as far as I’m concerned, since I am executive producer of this blog. The punch in the face didn’t happen. Seeing Gabrielle play lawyer was cool too.

Favorite quotes;

“Come on in, the stream is great.” Gabrielle to Xena ;)

“I understand you may be feeling a little negative at the moment.” Gabrielle to Xena who’s tied up in chains in a barn.

“Truly, I say, she is the very soul of goodness. And we thank her with all our hearts.” Rescued villager to Xena

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