Monday, September 27, 2010

Cradle of Hope (104)

Oh, the camp! God bless the camp! Best part of this episode? The part where Xena and Gabrielle have to throw the baby back in forth while fighting thugs who are trying to kill the baby! The wonderful music that accompanies the baby throwing makes it equally just as comical. I love that the baby is laughing the entire time, quite the daredevil, that baby.

I think or hope it’s clear that Xena hearts Gabrielle by now. The fact that Xena asked the baby to be named Gabriel is a sure indication that Xena likes Gabrielle ;). Little miss Gabrielle is growing on Xena. They’ll be bathing together in no time! I love the clever writers who invent plot devices that require Xena to be in pretty outfits in order to achieve some objective. Here, we have it in this episode.

Which leads me to comment on the Xena’s Warrior outfit; her heart is completely exposed! Completely! I wonder why someone doesn’t just stab her in the chest because there’s no protection there. Sure, her boobs are protected by her breastplate but not necessarily her heart, which is located a little bit above her boobs. So, her boobs (which are important) are protected, yet the most important muscle (heart) in her body is completely exposed? Huh? I’m just saying.

What’s more important boobs or hearts? According, to Xena’s personal stylist, boobs. Oh, the world we live in. :)

I get it; I get it; the outfit is sexy. Sexiness helps people watch the show. Works for me. I just wonder how practical the outfit can be. Although, what do I know? Maybe, it’s the most comfortable outfit in the world! Her outfit is a tiny bit ridiculous; sexy (if you’re into that) and ridiculous. I say that with love of course.

Speaking of women in ridiculous outfits. Are we the audience supposed to objectify Xena when we see her in skimpy outfits? This episode is the first glimpse (besides Xena’s regular outfit) in which we see a bit of sexuality. This brings up stuff I think about sometimes. My definition of objectification is when you look at someone and see an object rather than a human being. The reason why I feel comfortable with Xena the show is because we know Xena and Gabrielle as people so that when we see them do sexy things (not necessarily with each other, although sometimes (eventually) with each other; but also in general) we still see two human beings who we know are expressing their sexuality; in all their sexiness; we still see humans. I don’t know if that makes sense, but I hope so. I wasn’t the costume designer on the show :)!

Whatever your opinions are of the ridiculous outfits, over all, I do really enjoy the playful attitude that this show has towards sexuality. I’ll talk about that later when it comes up in later episodes. This episode just showed a saucy dance from Xena who’s really just trying to get Pandora’s box. It’s only a glimpse of what’s to come, although, a very lovely glimpse.

Favorite lines:

“You know, Gabriel’s a nice name. Then, of course, Xenos is good, too.” Gabrielle (talking about the baby they found.)

“Why is he crying? You holding him wrong, or something?” Xena, talking about baby

“You spoke of pleasure.” Dude massaging Xena’s shoulders

“And, you spoke of pain.” Xena knocks out Dude.

“Name him Gabriel.” Xena

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