Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Path Not Taken (105)

Interracial dating!!! Yay!!! This is a show that aired in 1995. It’s very progressive that they would show interracial dating. Both couples! Marcus and Xena and the little Romeo and Juliet couple, both interracial! Score one for Xena! Which reminds me, although the main cast, made up of two people (Xena and Gabrielle, eventually Joxer), is predominantly Caucasian; this show did do a good job of having people of color in it.

Episode One we had Draco (bad guy) who has the hots for Xena. First of all, Draco is very yummy and very cute. Second of all, it’s refreshing that he’s a person of color. It’s refreshing that we do get to see some color up in this show. Although, it’s not tons, it helps.

My favorite part of this episode has to be Gabrielle with her head and hands stuck in the stocks, confidently talking about how she’s still going to get her and Romeo out of the situation. I love her confidence through out this entire episode even though we don’t see much of her. She’s so confident that she can just simply talk the King out of the war. I love her belief in diplomacy and her belief in herself! Wonderful!

The Juliet character’s name is Jana which sounds like ‘Gina. So, it sounds like there saying, “You must save my vagina!” “I will! I will save your vagina!” I’m just saying.

The story of Marcus is a beautiful story. Great acting! Seeing him struggle with choosing to be good rather than bad in his life was quite compelling. I like Xena’s speech about starting with one good deed for the sake of doing good. Marcus takes that deed by dying to save another. Really, beautiful.

I know that I keep talking about the good stuff about this show. Trust me, I will have my complaints later on. But, Season 1 is a happy season for me!

Favorite Quotes:

“Did you ever notice that we never have trouble getting a table?” Gabrielle to Xena

“That’s if you’re for hire.” Dude puts money on table.

“Hey!” Gabrielle

“Not that kind of hire, Gabrielle.” Xena

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